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Incredible 3d pencil drawings by Ramon Bruin

Drawn with a simple pencil on a simple piece of paper, the following drawings can prove how something with no dimensions could actually appear like a 3D object!The 31-year-old mostly self-taught artist,Ramon Bruin,kept improving his skills, and has recently presented some new works! To get 3D […]

20 Photos show that perspective is everything

Sure, you can use Photoshop to make photos seem surreal, but could you do it with only your camera? These guys below will show you how. Changing the camera’s angle and playing with perspective can yield some pretty surprising results, making places you walk past every day […]

Old cigarette

This is why my favorite old cigarette design for your enjoyment. It should go without saying that these are for inspirational purposes only.  We here at WorldAroundUs do not condone the messages of any of these ads – we merely think they’re purrrdy.

This man’s beard can do crazy things!

Isaiah Webb, better known online as Mr. Incredibeard, has been posting creative and downright wacky beard designs almost every week on his Tumblr account. He takes design suggestions from his growing group of fans, designs the beard style, and then has it styled with waxes and […]

Invisible owls

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, meaning they prefer to hunt at night. During the day, however, they generally rest and sleep, which puts them at some risk. In response – owls developed intricate camouflage patterns on their feathers, making them almost invisible for those […]