Old cigarette

This is why my favorite old cigarette design for your enjoyment. It should go without saying that these are for inspirational purposes only.  We here at WorldAroundUs do not condone the messages of any of these ads – we merely think they’re purrrdy.

Animals are master of disguise!

Wild animals have plenty of reasons to employ camouflage. When you’re nearly invisible it’s easier to find food and it’s also easier to hide from predators trying to make a meal out of you. Unlike wild animals, household pets have life made. With regular meals, a warm bed to […]

That’s gonna hurt!

You know that awkward moment when you realize something painful is about to happen. This time we are going to show you what the moment right before an epic fail looks like: the second just before falling into a pool, before being hit by a ball […]

Animal selfie king-Allan Dixon.

If you’ve ever tried to take selfies with your pets, you know that pulling off the perfect photo is no small feat. Getting them to stay in the frame is difficult as it is, and making them sit still while also holding an adorable pose […]

Straw dinosaurs in a rice field? Only in Japan.

What a way to end a season. Each year on the last day of August, Japan’s Niigata Prefecture celebrates the end of the rice harvest in a rather elaborate (yet resourceful) fashion: creating rice straw sculptures. Known as the Wara Art Festival, artists across the area […]