Incredible 3d pencil drawings by Ramon Bruin

Drawn with a simple pencil on a simple piece of paper, the following drawings can prove how something with no dimensions could actually appear like a 3D object!The 31-year-old mostly self-taught artist,Ramon Bruin,kept improving his skills, and has recently presented some new works! To get 3D […]

Invisible owls

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, meaning they prefer to hunt at night. During the day, however, they generally rest and sleep, which puts them at some risk. In response – owls developed intricate camouflage patterns on their feathers, making them almost invisible for those […]

Photos of the most perfect coincidences

Coincidences happen every day. Oftentimes, people try to attach meaning to them or take them as some kind of sign from the universe. In reality, they’re called coincidences for a reason – they’re just accidents by chance that have no real connection. But none of […]

Stupid people doing stupid things!

When did you last time do something funny and stupid? Here are the bunch of people doing funny and stupid things. They either have no idea what would happen next or they are really stupid people. Some of them are funny, but some of them […]

22 “Under-cats” by Andrius Burba

You usually only see a cat’s belly when you’re about to get you arm clawed. But Andrius Burba created Under-cats, a series of photos shot from underneath a kitty. One feline after the other was placed on a glass table, so that we would could […]

Strange people are everywhere!

Okay, this is a little awkward, but seriously, what the hell is going on with the internet? We knew it was a never ending black hole of weirdness, but the human eye isn’t even prepared for this kind of wtf. Don’t spend too much time […]