Drawn with a simple pencil on a simple piece of paper, the following drawings can prove how something with no dimensions could actually appear like a 3D object!The 31-year-old mostly self-taught artist,Ramon Bruin,kept improving his skills, and has recently presented some new works! To get 3D effect, Ramon applies the anamorphic technique: he draws a detailed yet distorted image which comes together only when photographed from the correct angle. No wonder that every time you see a prop he left by the drawing, you start questioning if this one is actually real!His 3d opticial illusionism became an instant internet hit in 2012. Opticial Illusionism is a combination of drawing an photography Bruin sells framed photographs of the illusion and added original drawings. He also creates cool colorfull paintings, with mostly sarcastic influences.Enjoy the following photos capturing the world’s most fascinating 3D pencil drawings!

3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-1 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-2 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-3 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-4 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-5 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-6 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-7 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-8 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-9 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-10 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-11 3d-drawings-ramon-bruin-12