Creepy vintage photos!

In today’s world, it’s easy to forget that everyday life used to be a lot different. People wore different clothes, read encyclopedias, and used rotary phones. Oh, and everything was creepy as hell, or at least it was according to the contents of these vintage pictures. […]

Strange people are everywhere!

Okay, this is a little awkward, but seriously, what the hell is going on with the internet? We knew it was a never ending black hole of weirdness, but the human eye isn’t even prepared for this kind of wtf. Don’t spend too much time […]

People with unconventional fashion sense!

Fashion trends come and go, but some people will never fail to amuse you with their extraordinary sense of fashion. They’d rather put all the fashion sense behind him and just look like complete hippies if they could. Here are some people who are literal definitions to […]

Bizarre and disturbing X-rays

The X-Ray procedure has improved greatly over the last years and the greatest impact of this improvement was in the modern healthcare system, as surgical removal of foreign objects and the detection of various conditions became much easier and thus, treatments much safer. Here are […]