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Old cigarette

This is why my favorite old cigarette design for your enjoyment. It should go without saying that these are for inspirational purposes only.  We here at WorldAroundUs do not condone the messages of any of these ads – we merely think they’re purrrdy.

This man’s beard can do crazy things!

Isaiah Webb, better known online as Mr. Incredibeard, has been posting creative and downright wacky beard designs almost every week on his Tumblr account. He takes design suggestions from his growing group of fans, designs the beard style, and then has it styled with waxes and […]

Invisible owls

Owls are nocturnal birds of prey, meaning they prefer to hunt at night. During the day, however, they generally rest and sleep, which puts them at some risk. In response – owls developed intricate camouflage patterns on their feathers, making them almost invisible for those […]

Animals are master of disguise!

Wild animals have plenty of reasons to employ camouflage. When you’re nearly invisible it’s easier to find food and it’s also easier to hide from predators trying to make a meal out of you. Unlike wild animals, household pets have life made. With regular meals, a warm bed to […]

Makeup artist turns himself into superheroes!

Comic book makeup is a huge trend these days, but a few artists truly stand out for their spectacular work. Joining the ranks of Lianne Moseley and other Marvel makeup gurus is Argenis Pinal, a California-based cosmetologist. Argenis is insanely popular on Instagram with over 100,000 […]

The art of making cakes!

The coolest thing about baking cakes is that they are not just a culinary art but a visual one as well. With the right ingredients, talent and skills, a baker can turn their cake into a delicious sculpture that is a feast for the eyes […]