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22 “Under-cats” by Andrius Burba

You usually only see a cat’s belly when you’re about to get you arm clawed. But Andrius Burba created Under-cats, a series of photos shot from underneath a kitty. One feline after the other was placed on a glass table, so that we would could […]

Animal selfie king-Allan Dixon.

If you’ve ever tried to take selfies with your pets, you know that pulling off the perfect photo is no small feat. Getting them to stay in the frame is difficult as it is, and making them sit still while also holding an adorable pose […]

Straw dinosaurs in a rice field? Only in Japan.

What a way to end a season. Each year on the last day of August, Japan’s Niigata Prefecture celebrates the end of the rice harvest in a rather elaborate (yet resourceful) fashion: creating rice straw sculptures. Known as the Wara Art Festival, artists across the area […]

Food art on the plate!

A great deal of inspiration for all who need to serve unusual meals for kids. Samantha Lee created these awesome, colorful plates with well known characters, and I consider this may be an excellent example for all parents who struggle with their children during the […]

Strange people are everywhere!

Okay, this is a little awkward, but seriously, what the hell is going on with the internet? We knew it was a never ending black hole of weirdness, but the human eye isn’t even prepared for this kind of wtf. Don’t spend too much time […]

Worst wedding dresses ever

  It is the dream of every girl to look like a princess on her wedding. For that, the best option is to select a beautiful wedding gown. However, some girls prove it a misconception. You would want a girl to wear something beautiful, but somehow […]