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Photos of the most perfect coincidences

Coincidences happen every day. Oftentimes, people try to attach meaning to them or take them as some kind of sign from the universe. In reality, they’re called coincidences for a reason – they’re just accidents by chance that have no real connection. But none of […]

Creepy vintage photos!

In today’s world, it’s easy to forget that everyday life used to be a lot different. People wore different clothes, read encyclopedias, and used rotary phones. Oh, and everything was creepy as hell, or at least it was according to the contents of these vintage pictures. […]

Stupid people doing stupid things!

When did you last time do something funny and stupid? Here are the bunch of people doing funny and stupid things. They either have no idea what would happen next or they are really stupid people. Some of them are funny, but some of them […]

That’s gonna hurt!

You know that awkward moment when you realize something painful is about to happen. This time we are going to show you what the moment right before an epic fail looks like: the second just before falling into a pool, before being hit by a ball […]

People who have worse jobs than you!

Do you ever have one of those days at work? You know, the kind of days where nothing goes right and you’re already stressed out by the time work begins? On those days, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Man, I have the worse job ever!” Well, after […]

22 “Under-cats” by Andrius Burba

You usually only see a cat’s belly when you’re about to get you arm clawed. But Andrius Burba created Under-cats, a series of photos shot from underneath a kitty. One feline after the other was placed on a glass table, so that we would could […]

Animal selfie king-Allan Dixon.

If you’ve ever tried to take selfies with your pets, you know that pulling off the perfect photo is no small feat. Getting them to stay in the frame is difficult as it is, and making them sit still while also holding an adorable pose […]